Jure Bajt

My family got our first PC when I was about seven years old. Truth be told, I used it mainly for gaming. You know, AOE and stuff. I’ve shown absolutely no interest in software development until I was fourteen or so.

Around that age the internet entered our house. I remember being amazed by the websites of that era. They sparked an interest in me, and that interest sent me down the path which I've been on ever since. The path leading from my humble beginnings building static HTML sites, via Wordpress blogs, CS studies and my first real programming job to my current position at tretton37. It was an exciting ride and I can't wait to see where it will lead me in the years to come.

While enjoying my software engineering journey I'm also actively pursuing my other interests like lifting weights, hiking, playing the guitar, swing dancing and reading.

But please excuse me now, I need to run, my baby girl and wife are waiting for me. ;)


Jure Bajt


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