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Jonathan Sandgren

Jonathan Sandgren

I’ve had an interest in tech and computers for as long as I can remember, whether it be programming, building my own computer, doing 3d animation, or just playing video games. It wasn’t until my university studies that my interest in programming and web development grew to the size that I knew I wanted to work with it, but it is something I’ve been doing to some degree for the better part of my life, ever since creating my first website around the age of 13.

I never have as much fun doing something as when I get to learn something new at the same time, whether that be while working or in my personal life. I believe working in tech and development as a consultant is perfect for this, as it presents a great deal of opportunity for learning new things. I also tend to find joy in sharing my knowledge with friends and colleagues, helping them improve and learn new things.

When not working you can probably find me in a mosh pit at a concert, on a squash court, or at Tele2 Arena watching Djurgården play football. Or just in a pub having a beer with a friend. I also love to travel, preferring to take longer trips with the opportunity to move around and explore the country a bit.


Jonathan Sandgren


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