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Jernej Stražišar

Jernej Stražišar

I am a results-driven frontend-focused developer who enjoys the problem-solving aspect of software development and strives to discover simple and clean solutions to complex problems.

From a young age I was drawn to the puzzle solving aspect of video games, requiring a mix of outside the box thinking coupled with perfect timing and execution to progress from one level to the next. Trough video games I became interested in computers, gadgets, and the systems they form when communicating with one another, which led me to enroll in a CS study program and discover my passion for software development. As was the case with video games, software development is a field in which I am constantly on the lookout for new challenges that require me to step beyond the confines of my existing knowledge and apply my dedication, curiosity, and persistence to overcome them and advance to the next level.

When not wrapped up in code, you will find me immersed in all kinds of fantasy worlds, either through video games, series, or books. I believe life is a co-op experience best enjoyed with friends and family!


Jernej Stražišar


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