Jan Ferme

While growing up I was always drawn to technology. The newer the better. In our living room, we had a nice high-quality hi-fi system and I wasn’t allowed to play with it. So when my parents weren’t at home I was carefully turning all the knobs and later returning them to the original position. I remember how it felt to turn those high-quality knobs and press the buttons and how the feeling was different than on any other radio I’ve ever played with before.

I’ve got the first computer at a relatively late age of 12 and of course, the first thing I asked my dad was to install some video games. It wasn’t until 14 that I started coding very basic static HTML pages, but then I was hooked right away. This lead to my first paid gigs, designing and coding Wordpress themes. I got super excited about hardware some years later and I worked as an Apple service technician for a few years. But in the end, software won the race when I got the opportunity to transition into QA and realised this is what I was meant to do.

I still find a lot of love in discovering new hardware and software technologies. I’m always tinkering with my multiple Raspberry Pi’s and talking about new tech in my podcast. I also spend a *censored* amount of time playing video games through multiple platforms. But I also get out from time to time to explore the world, traveling with my wife.


Jan Ferme


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