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Henrik Ljungdahl

Henrik Ljungdahl

My career within the tech industry started early, with my first position as Chief Technical Officer in the departments of VCR Programming and Commodore 64 Operation Support when I was 4 years old.

It's safe to say that no-one in my family is surprised that I ended up in the IT industry, since electronics and programming have been two of my major interests since the beginning. To me, the satisfaction and joy of software development are brought about by the fact that it is so easy to liberate people from mundane and time-consuming tasks, and enable them to focus on and enjoy the things they'd rather do.

I also love the creative aspect of the craftsmanship, and how writing good software really is like building a beautiful house. It is no coincidence that software architects are called just that - architects.

Most of my experience is from working with web solutions, and as a next step in my development, I'm aiming to broadening my skillset to involve a wider range of software domains – and that’s why I’m at tretton37.


Henrik Ljungdahl


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