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Gustaf Ideström

Gustaf Ideström

By the time I turned eight my parents spent a fortune on an IBM PS/1. It opened up a new world to me and my interest in tech was born. Since then, it has spread from computers to HIFI sound systems, cables, operating systems and mobile devices with compatibility and a well-developed whole as guiding stars.I'd say those guiding stars are my key drivers. Details and compatibility.

Enough details in the right place create a satisfying whole. The quest towards constant improvements often lies in nailing yet another detail contributing to a better end result. A higher fulfilment of the end goal.

The need for compatibility is everywhere. It is the putty, or the connecting cable, that makes us better together. It is the very reason why one plus one actually can become three. Today we see the need and potential for improved compatibility in meetings between people as well as technical platforms.

Translated into my role at Tretton37, the details are about a well-crafted mutually profitable business agreement ensured by an underlying and accurate calculation. Compatibility is of course central to negotiation, to find common ground even though conditions aren't always ideal.

What better place and surroundings to practice such drivers and interests than a well-managed tech company as Tretton37 with so many details in place already for a successful future.

In my spare time I also enjoy sailing and spending time with family and friends.


Gustaf Ideström


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