Emelie Nilsson

People is what makes a company great. That is why I love working with Talent Acquisition and that is why I chose to work at tretton37. I admire the strive to gather the best of the best, to share knowledge and challenge the world and to have fun doing it.

The best thing about my job is working with awesome colleagues while searching for more awesomeness to join us. I love structure and making lists, both in my work and private life. I have a never ending bucket list of things I want to do, achieve and be! Write a book, start investing in the stock market, learn a new language (and when I say language I mean like French.. not Java, ok?) or adopt a rescue dog. ​​

When I´m not doing my thing at the tretton37 office I´m most likely surfing the web for cute dog videos, planning my next vacation trip or trying out a new restaurant in Malmö. I also like hanging out on the couch having a TV-series marathon.. there is just too much to see and too little time. And of course If Malmö FF is playing a home game, you will find me at the Swedbank Stadion where I have season tickets. Framåt Malmö!​


Emelie Nilsson


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