Deniz Yildirim

Last winter, somebody in California asked me what was the most extreme sport I’ve done so far. I answered immediately that it’s doing business in the IT-industry. He laughed. And I don’t know if he actually got what I meant. What I was trying to say is that in all extreme sports, you get a temporary rush of adrenaline and the kick will eventually disappear within a maximum of one hour after the activity is done. If you deal with this, you’ll just enjoy the permanent rush 24/7 and for life. You become a junky!

Yes, I believe I’ve become a junky. Over the last year, while I was taking a break from the industry, I realized that I love my job and I love the IT-industry. I already knew it but I’ve never thought that I would miss it so much. I’m telling you, I’ve seriously had some hard time fighting against my abstinence from creating something big!

I do enjoy being in this dynamic business that changes everyday. I love being in touch with so many creative and driven people around me. I love creating new things, helping our clients, and working under extreme stress and pressure. I enjoy having a role with a lot of responsibility and working within a team that has a common goal and purpose in life.

So, if I’m not getting my daily dose of adrenaline at tretton37, you can see me jumping from airplanes, diving in caves, or on my motorbike riding to some undiscovered destination.

Deniz Yildirim


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