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Britta Patterson

Britta Patterson

First and foremost, I am an adventurer at heart, with music in my soul. But I also love working as a Product Manager - it's an adventure in itself!

Before I dove into product managing, I had the opportunity to work in many different fields. From managing health & wellness activities in senior living to co-running a music school to community managing for a zero-food waste and leading a virtual community for a health company, I've held a plethora of creative and challenging roles. But these positions gave me the chance to see the problems people face first-hand, both big and small. And I found I had a passion for wanting to solve these problems.

I transitioned from working with community and customer service to working with product development, UX, and design. More recently, I worked for about a year and a half as a Product Manager with a small team to ideate, build, launch, and grow a virtual community. I am eager to bring my user-centric thinking and creative problem-solving mindset to my future products and projects.

But if you don't find me finalizing a project specification, you'll probably find me running, hiking, swimming, singing, listening to music, traveling, or crossing things off my bucket list. I love experiencing new and exciting things, so I am fortunate to be a part of the 13|37 team!


Britta Patterson


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