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Åsa Vukmanovic Lilja

Åsa Vukmanovic Lilja

​I have always worked with service in one way or another and I really value eye to eye meetings. I often throw myself into new challenges and think that "All things are difficult before they are easy" is a great saying. I have a thing for details....small things that put the icing on the cake. I would say that service is my super power and I am happy to perform my service skills here at tretton37.

My family is of course my number 1 priority and travel is our passion. We are always planning that next trip. I am an enthusiastic sportsparent and I constantly chase my personal best at running a swedish mile. I like to be busy, surrounding myself with nice people and things to do. But I am also learning to enjoy the small things that brings you a happy life!


Åsa Vukmanovic Lilja


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