Anders Iggsten

If you are curious about how you can develop in your role or how crucial communication is in everything we do, then I am your go to person!I have a broad background working within IT and business development both domestically and internationally with key focus on leadership in people and deliveries.

I am at my best when working with complex roles where people and business need to cooperate to achieve maximal effect. In my last assignment at H&M group I was responsible for a team of developers building native apps for the physical stores, as well as being accountable for all musical and digital signage globally.

If you put it together it was a huge area with lots of different focal points all around the world.Before my time at H&M I have worked 10+ years in the consultancy business within several different roles, with a whole range of customers and responsibilities.

My main area of expertise is within leadership where I have had the opportunity to manage everything from Trainee programs to coaching senior leaders.

On a personal level I am born and raised in Kungsholmen, and am a father of three children, an old martial artist and nowadays a passionate climber.Some fun facts are that before I got my Masters degree in Computer and System Science,I used to build the scenery for theatres and exhibitions. If you have visited Junibacken in Stockholm, you can find my name on a plaque there.

My philosophy is to laugh a lot and to make sure I am challenged intellectually by people in my surroundings. Always stay curious and never stop learning.

Anders Iggsten


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