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Alireza Rafeizadeh

Alireza Rafeizadeh

I have studied mathematics at university. Math and software development have a lot in common and at the core, they involve a lot of problem solving through logical deduction.I believe software makes people’s lives easier and working to achieve this goal is what describes me. I write software for android devices. System design and UI/UX are two other areas of my interest and I try to get myself updated bout them.

I got introduced to computers when I was 11 and after getting enough of playing some games, I started to learn 3ds Max because animations inspired me a lot. I had no idea of why exactly I am learning this or if it will come in handy in the future. It was just something I enjoyed doing. Years later I figured out that software production is what I really enjoy, so I chose it as my career.

In my free time, I read and watch a lot of gadget related stuff and consider myself as a tech-savvy! I have also a great passion for art. I have some experience with calligraphy and in-lay-on wood. However, music is something else! I play around with FL studio and Logic pro as a not-professional-but-very-interested music fan!


Alireza Rafeizadeh


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