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Reshaping the future of healthcare, one sentiment at a time!

Reshaping the future of healthcare, one sentiment at a time!

Datatera's Journey and the Startup Boost Initiative

A look into how Datatera's innovative solutions are transforming healthcare analytics with support from the Startup Boost 2024 Initiative.

Datatera, a groundbreaking Swedish startup, is at the forefront of healthcare data analytics. Their platform is designed to enhance healthcare outcomes, reduce operational costs for providers, and improve patient communication for a superior patient experience. By analysing patient sentiments and generating actionable insights, they support healthcare providers in increasing the quality of care by making more accurate, data-driven decisions where patients feel more engaged while receiving care. 

This transformative approach is further supported by our Startup Boost 2024 initiative, aimed at empowering startups like Datatera to reach their full potential.

Datatera’s homepage


Datatera was in pursuit of a robust, scalable frontend solution that could effectively present complex hospital statistics and patient mood data through various chart types while keeping performance considerations in mind and ensuring responsiveness, localisation, accessibility, and the dark-mode feature. The goal was to develop an MVP with three primary pages: dashboard, login, and settings.


Agile Methodology and Tech Stack

Leveraging the Kanban agile methodology, we streamlined our workflow and boosted productivity. The tech stack was built around React-Typescript with Vite. We used MaterialUI for the component library to meet our project’s unique demands and TanStack Query for the state management.

Dashboard page showing hospital statistics

Development and Deployment

We established a Docker-based deployment pipeline via Azure to facilitate seamless integration and delivery. 
A significant portion of my time was dedicated to selecting and testing a charts library that met our criteria for performance and responsiveness across various devices.

Dashboard page showing hospital statistics (dark mode)

In the development phase, the dashboard mockup was broken down into a list of simple and reusable components, using a mobile-first approach and the same was done for the login and settings pages. The multilingual and dark-mode features were added, which significantly improved usability and aesthetics.

UI/UX Design

I personally took on the UI/UX design for the settings and login pages, ensuring they were intuitive, user-friendly and aligned with the overall design of the dashboard.

Settings page language change


Communication and Collaboration in Distributed Delivery Projects

This distributed delivery project involved collaboration from different locations, using Discord for daily communications. This setup allowed for quick issue resolution and ongoing collaboration. We held three demo sessions, incorporating continuous feedback, crucial for the iterative development of the product.

Distributed Team Management

From the outset, we established clear communication channels and a robust work methodology, enabling smooth and effective collaboration across different time zones.



The project culminated in the successful delivery and deployment of a fully functional frontend solution to production, laying a solid foundation for future enhancements.

Added Value

Our solution effectively presents Datatera’s data in a clear and concise manner, with customisation options and multilingual support, thus extending its reach beyond the Swedish market. 


This project not only strengthened Datatera's capacity to better serve healthcare providers and patients but also highlighted our commitment to delivering high-quality, scalable, and user-centric software solutions that can cater to global markets. As part of the Startup Boost 2024 initiative, we are proud to support Datatera in enhancing their ML/AI capabilities and improving UX for their platform, demonstrating our dedication to using knowledge to shape the world positively. As we continue to support startups through the Startup Boost initiative, we look forward to seeing their continued growth and impact across various industries, further fostering innovation and positive change in the global tech ecosystem.


Federico Medina
Federico Medina