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Maximising Team Potential: Data-Driven Strategies for Collaboration and Productivity

Maximising Team Potential: Data-Driven Strategies for Collaboration and Productivity

3 Data-Driven Insights Boosting Team Efficiency by 50%

The importance of team spirit for innovation cannot be overstated in today’s industry. Simon Bohlin, an experienced Competence Lead at tretton37, offers a refreshing perspective on fostering team spirit and innovation. Drawing from his extensive experience, Bohlin's recent talk, "Smells like Team Spirit," delves into the core of creating a resilient and vibrant team culture. In this article, we explore insights from Bohlin's talk and weave in data and examples that illustrate the power of intentional team building and culture nurturing.

Enhancing Performance through Familiarity and Team Bonding

Studies highlight the critical role of familiarity in boosting team performance. For example, in the medical field, cardiac surgeons showed better outcomes when working with familiar teams [1]. Translating this into a B2B setting, fostering familiarity through team-building exercises can significantly enhance the collective efficiency and effectiveness​​ of your team. A Gusto survey done by Google Consumer Surveys in 2016 revealed that 90% of employers believe a strong sense of community is crucial for business success [2]. This underlines the importance of team-building activities that promote a sense of unity and belonging, directly contributing to the company's success​​. Socialising as a team can improve communication patterns by 50% [3], and a sense of belonging has been shown to reduce employee turnover significantly [2]. For B2B organisations, this translates to higher retention rates and improved internal communication, which is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge​​.

Building a Community for Business Success

Emphasising the importance of effective onboarding [4], Bohlin also notes that making new team members feel welcome [5] is vital. He always advocates for onboarding materials that are engaging and informative, providing a glimpse into the team and project structure. This strategy not only helps new members integrate seamlessly but also enhances their ability to contribute meaningfully from day one.

The Power of Collaboration and Reducing Isolation

Collaboration is proven to supercharge performance [6][7], with studies showing that even the perception of collaborative work enhances engagement and success. Addressing isolation through team-building activities is vital for maintaining productivity, as isolation can lead to a 21% decline in productivity​​ [8].

With time constraints and deadlines speeding towards you, it can be hard to remember to make time to help colleagues. The culture of helpfulness that pervades tretton37 from the start is a key factor. Once it’s the natural thing to do, it also becomes easier to get new team members on board with helping and collaborating. This culture can be expressed and emphasised in various team activities, from problem-solving to creative brainstorming sessions and cross-functional ‘hackathons’.

Adapting to Change and Offboarding with Grace

There will always be changes in working conditions, team composition, tasks and responsibilities. What can we do to maintain and continue building on good team culture even if a lot of team members change? Bohlin says that one important aspect is to have the team member offboarding be as good as the onboarding. Whether a team member moves to another team or leaves employment to take on a new challenge, offboarding can contribute to the team's well-being [9]. A small amount of time and effort spent on offboarding beyond just the practical parts goes a long way towards showing that all team members are still valued after they leave. This reinforces the team's self-image, values and collective memory. In practice, you could create a thank you and goodbye collage or gift and include personalised creative expressions of gratitude.


Incorporating these data-backed strategies into team-building efforts can lead to more engaged, productive, and cohesive teams. Building and sustaining a team spirit that resonates with innovation, collaboration, and joy is a proven strategy for well-being, retention and team efficiency. The takeaways blend practical strategies that focus on emotional and psychological aspects and are valuable for organisations that want a thriving and resilient team culture. As we navigate the complexities of modern business landscapes, embracing these principles brings more engaged, productive, and harmonious teams. And remember to remix these ideas and add more of your own and to make your team’s culture truly yours!

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Simon Bohlin
Simon Bohlin