wanted to update their webshop and develop a new digital product
tretton37 redesigned the B2B solution, created a prototype, and tested it with real customers to refine the product using agile methodologies
the solution automated several internal processes and allowed business expansion into a new client segment

Modernized B2B solution for Elon to improve operational efficiency and expand business


Elon is a leading Swedish supplier of home appliances and electronics that focuses on providing high-quality customer service and personalized experiences to its clients. However, their internal webshop and intranet were outdated, making it difficult for them to efficiently handle administration, orders, and deliveries to both their physical stores and customers.

To address these challenges and elevate the technical level of their environment, Elon needed a partner capable of implementing modern techniques and tools to enhance their quality assurance. Furthermore, they aimed to expand their business by developing a new digital product for a new client segment.


The tretton37 team was tasked with redesigning Elon's complete B2B solution, with a focus on improving the digital design and interface. In addition, they provided assistance to Elon in developing and enhancing their product.

To kickstart our partnership, tretton37 conducted a 5-day design sprint, resulting in a prototype for a new app, specifically designed to meet the needs of a new client segment. After the prototype was developed, the team conducted testing with real customers, which provided valuable insights and knowledge, without the need to build and launch the product first. This approach allowed the team to gain valuable feedback and refine the app to better meet the needs of the target market.


Elon and tretton37 have been able to create significant value by adopting agile methodologies and sharing knowledge while creating new technologies. The collaboration has led to the automation of internal processes, the creation of new features and services, and a vastly improved the overall customer experience.

By partnering with us, Elon has been able to modernize their B2B solution and create a new digital product to expand their business to a new client segment. The redesign of their webshop and intranet has streamlined administration, order, and delivery processes, while the cutting-edge features and services have greatly enhanced the customer experience.

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