needed a new internal tool to streamline work processes, improve efficiency
tretton37 designed a mobile app for technicians that automated several manual process
resulted in streamlined processes, improved efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction for Anticimex

New internal tools for Anticimex to improve operational efficiency, save costs, and enhance the customer experience


Anticimex is one of the top four global players in the pest control market, and is the leading player in the digitally-enabled pest control market.

Anticimex, a hygiene solutions company who also performs property and energy inspections, faced a challenge with their old work tool for their technicians. The tool was outdated, complicated, and ineffective for technicians, leading to their jobs being much more complicated. The company wanted to create a new work tool that could streamline their work processes, improve efficiency, and create more unified customer-facing reports. Anticimex also wanted to enable their business customers to easily monitor and manage the data and status of their properties.


Internal technicians:

tretton37 partnered with Anticimex to design and develop a new work tool for the internal technicians. We conducted extensive research, including contextual interviews, moderated testing, and workshops involving end-users, designers, developers, and other internal stakeholders. By involving the end-users in every stage of the process, tretton37 was able to understand their needs, pain points, and preferences. We delivered a mobile app for technicians that allowed them to gather information, perform room-to-room inspections, take notes, and upload images into the app. This app also had predefined texts that acted as a checklist and sped up their work. Once the inspection was complete, the technician could finalize the report on the web at the office and make sure they are getting all the necessary details from the inspection and deliver an outstanding report to the customers. In order to do this, it was important that the data would sync effortlessly across different platforms.

External business customers:

Through our partnership, we were able to automate a manual process for data entry which increased data integrity and provided a live status for the end users. This data was often not up to date since it could be months between inspections, but now the data was more accurate and easily accessible. This allowed the end users to manage their properties in a proactive manner. To create this custom software, we used a solution that allowed for quick and agile development to increase the speed of delivery. The tool was designed to be user-friendly, efficient, and compatible with modern technology to ensure its maintainability.



The new, internal work tool was a success for Anticimex. According to the end users, it was "the best internal product in 20 years." The tool streamlined the work process, improved efficiency, and created more unified customer-facing reports. The mobile app made it easy for technicians to perform inspections and upload information, so they could give their attention to their customers and provide an even more fantastic service. The web solution enabled them to finalize reports quickly and easily since it was seamlessly integrated.


Customer satisfaction has increased since customers can now access their data quickly and easily, whenever they want. The customer portal created a clear communication avenue between Anticimex and their customers, which allows for deeper relationship building and improved retention. These improvements have enabled Anticimex to be even more competitive in the market, and most importantly, their customers can more easily maintain a safe and healthy environment for the public.

Overall, our approach of involving end-users in every stage of the process, conducting ideation and alignment workshops, and prioritizing data, proved to be successful in creating a user-friendly, efficient, and effective work tool for Anticimex's business needs.

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